In The Garden

In The Garden


Original Artwork, Not reproduction.

2019 Ashley A. Kaase

All art is the property of artist Ashley Kaase and may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form.

Created to captivate the dreamer in all of us, and to explore a world of color, life, and the feeling of wonder you feel when walking in a tropical paradise.

The vibrant and thriving landscapes of Hawaii inspire me endlessly, and original works like “In the Garden” reflect that wonder.

Measurements: 22”x30”

Original Arches Natural White Watercolor Paper has been prized by artists since the founding of Arches in 1492. This legendary paper is still made with natural cotton fibers, carefully selected for their absorbency and durability. Arches Watercolor Paper is mould-made. The cylinder-mould machine ensures that fibers are not closely aligned but are randomly oriented and densely interwoven in all directions, adding considerable strength to the paper and producing a natural, attractively textured surface, with the look and feel of a vintage hand-made paper.

Each sheet is acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized, and air-dried. Each sheet has natural deckle edges and is watermarked and embossed.

All Original Artwork is placed in a crystal clear protective sleeve with a protective matte board, touting gallery-like quality and outstanding color.

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