Taro (Kalo) Heart Print

Taro (Kalo) Heart Print

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©2018 Ashley A. Kaase

All art is the property of artist Ashley Kaase and may not be reproduced, resold, or used in any form.

Printed on Archival Quality, Acid Free Watercolor Paper. All Prints are placed in a crystal clear protective sleeve with a protective matte board, touting gallery-like quality and outstanding color.

Originally created as an assignment for a Hawaiian studies class, “Taro Heart” has always been a labor of love. I dreamt for weeks about a tangible connection between man and land.

I wanted to express how deeply rooted Hawaiians are to their land and to highlight a plantation culture that has altered Hawaii forever. I sought to express a deep connection to this mysterious and beautiful land and those who inhabit it. The creation of “Taro Heart” was my most humble way of thanking this island and its people for all it has given me. 

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