My name is Ashley Kaase, and I am a Hawai'i based watercolor artist. Often painting from life, Hawaii has overloaded my senses with inspiration and color!

My dedication to create was started early on as a child and continues to this day. while Originally focusing on pottery, my focus shifted when I realized my kiln and wheel would not be joining us on future travels. I searched for a portable medium that I could dive deeper into, I longed for a new challenge and found that with watercolor.

When creating artwork today I choose vibrancy, color and aim to bring warmth to your home, or work space.

Having artwork in your home has been proven to promote mental health, improve creativity and even productivity!

I knew early on that working with local businesses would be my ultimate goal. all artwork I create from my home studio here on Oahu, is then reproduced in Honolulu. We have successfully teamed up with numerous local businesses to bring you an array of beautiful products to fill your life with more color than ever before!

 It is my deepest hope, that through my artwork, I am able to inspire you to support local as well and to live an even more colorful and beautiful life!

“I’ve ordered multiple originals of her amazing art! They make me feel at home and they are so beautiful and full of love! Her packaging is amazing and her greeting cards are gorgeous! As you can see, I’m obsessed with her work and always have a great experience!”

-Jess P.

“The moment I came across her artwork I fell in love, I’ve purchased from her website, as well as local stores, but my favorite way is at an art show! There is nothing better than meeting the artist who creates your favorite pieces of art! I anxiously wait for new pieces, and love to follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook. Her artwork has given my house life, and has served as amazing gifts for my friends and family!

-Ashley S.

“I purchased Ashley’s Framed Hibiscus Piña Print in a 16x20 for my office space, and its such a beautiful piece, really a great conversation starter! Everything she has in her collection is beautiful, but that one, it definitely evokes a powerful emotion in me!”

-Danielle P.