My name is Ashley Kaase, and I am a Hawai'i based artist who has been living on island for over three years now. I find inspiration all around me in this beautiful place, and often paint from life. Long walks through dense jungles, days in the sun, as well as nights under endless skies, bring inspiration to me, compelling me to create.

I have been involved with art, in some form, all my life. Raised in pottery studios across the world, my Mother was an artist herself. And thanks to her, and the support of my family, I developed an interest in Ceramics, having spent 3 years in a professional studio, and 5 creating in my own home studio with my husband. I have also been involved in Printmaking, woodworking, and restorative work with antique furniture over the last 10 years.

More recently, I have focused on painting, and specifically my work with Watercolors. Taking a non-traditional approach, I choose to shy away from dull hues and embrace vibrancy. As much of my creativity stems from vivid dreams, I embrace a style that is often floating or borderless. So much of my creativity is connected to life here on island.

 It is my deepest hope, that through my work, I am able to share my passion for the beautiful, the powerful, and often, the mysterious world all around us. I am greatly inspired by the wildness of botanical life found on island. Trips to the Botanical Gardens of Oahu offer endless supplies of inspiration as my mind runs wild. (Fosters, and Wahiawa are among my favorites.) Brilliant pops of fuschia rain down on us from Calliandra trees, while we sit in a sea of monsteras. This is truly my heaven.

Though not a photographer by any means, I often refer to photographs I've taken of skylines, jungles, wild flowers, sunsets, and silhouettes that are unique to these beautiful islands for my paintings. I do my best to preserve these moments in time forever, and share a piece of this paradise with my customers. 

Aside form the stunning landscapes, and breathtaking wildness found here, my biggest inspiration will always be my children. Their portraits were my first watercolor works and remain framed in our home here on Oahu.